Fit Fix: Josh Norman and Odell Beckham Are Ready for Their UFC Debut

Fit Fix: Josh Norman and Odell Beckham Are Ready for Their UFC Debut

UFC 195: Norman vs. Beckham: We knew there was no love lost between New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman. But the scope of their on-the-field fights—yeah, we’re calling them fights—was surprising even considering these are giant dudes who make a living in modern gladiatorial combat. At one point, a clearly frustrated Beckham (who failed to make much of a difference in the game) lowered his head and connected with Norman’s head during the end of a running play, and ESPN is reporting that it will likely net Beckham a suspension. (Oh, and by the way: The Giants lost.) [ESPN]


Miss Universe Deposed: At the finale of Sunday night’s Miss Universe pageant, host Steve Harvey proudly announced that Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutiérrez Arévalo, was crowned Miss Universe. Then Steve Harvey realized that misread the card, and that the winner was actually Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. Steve Harvey apologized. Chaos ensued. Steve Harvey apologized again. Chaos continued. No one looked happy. Especially not Steve Harvey.


Advanced Performance Through Blood Testing: Blueprint for Athletes—a program run by Quest Diagnostics—can help take the guess work out of your current training status with a simple blood test. The results can give you personalized insight that can help prevent injury, improve your performance—and even boost your overall health. By looking at markers like testosterone and cortisol levels they can tell you if you’re overtrained. They can also help athletes like marathoners know the perfect time to start tapering. But, as we know, fitness has a lot to do with nutrition too. Your health report will also include info about food sensitivities, iron levels, vitamin-D levels, and more. It’s just another tool you can use to optimize performance, so why not use it? Check for updates—testing will be available in early 2016 and run at around $200/test.

The Empire Has Taken Over: Had enough of Star Wars yet? Too bad, because here is a video of R2-D2 and some Stormtroopers at the White House. (They were in attendance for a special screening of the movie for Gold Star families, those who have lost a family member in the line of duty.)


Stormtroopers at the White House

WATCH: Stormtroopers flank White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest at The White House…because everyone is just that excited about Star Wars Day! #TheForceAwakens:

Posted by ABC News on Friday, December 18, 2015


Hammered: Now-deposed FIFA president Sepp Blatter and UEFA president Michel Platini—two of the most powerful men in international sports—were unequivocally banned from soccer-related activities for eight years by FIFA’s independent ethics committee. Blatter vowed to fight the ban. [New York Times]

Tom Brady Does Nothing: Before he and the Patriots utterly decimated the Titans on Sunday, Brady sat down with our style editor, Barret Wertz, to talk about his campaign for Ugg Australia and what he does in the offseason. Which is not much, apparently. [Men’s Fitness]

Last-Minute Gift Ideas: Still scrambling? Check out this roster of 32 stocking stuffers so good you’ll want to buy them for yourself. [Men’s Fitness]

Tough Day at the Office: Texans receiver DeAndre Hopkins got a little, uh, vulgar with a referee during Sunday’s matchup against the Colts — and a hot mic picked up every NSFW word. [Deadspin]


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