Fit Fix: Junk Food Wars, a Titanium Man, and the Best TD Pass of the Weekend

Fit Fix: Junk Food Wars, a Titanium Man, and the Best TD Pass of the Weekend

Morning, dudes. Here’s the latest in guy stuff to start your week:

Call to Dump the Junk: Dr. Francesco Cappuccio, a World Health Organization adviser and health researcher at the UK’s Warwick Medical School, is calling on the British government to stop food manufacturers from making and selling “unhealthy, cheap, salty junk food,” according to a press release. A noble gesture, sure, but good luck separating people from their Mars bars. [University of Warwick]

The Weekend’s Best Touchdown Pass: With two minutes left to go in their game against Notre Dame, the Virginia Cavaliers scored a go-ahead touchdown, seemingly locking up a home win and putting the Fighting Irish—who were playing with a third-string QB—on the ropes. And then this happened:

We Can Rebuild Him: A 54-year-old cancer patient in Spain had a cancerous tumor that was growing in his chest wall, necessitating the removal (and reconstruction) of a sizeable portion of his ribcage. So his doctors fitted him with a titanium 3D-printed ribcage and sternum, the first operation of its kind. He’s reportedly doing great. [CNET]

What Retirement? (Part 2): Just a month or so removed from his final night as host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart is set to head back to Washington—but this time, he’s not joking around. Stewart is set to roam the halls of Congress with roughly 100 first responders to lobby for the renewal of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act—a law he helped pass in the first place. [Huffington Post]

“No Hot Nannies”: Chrissy Teigen has one rule for husband John Legend: “No hot nannies, drivers, or maids.” (She did call it “an ongoing joke in my house.” But still—poor John Legend.) [Billboard]