Fit Fix: Learning a New Sport Can Make You Smarter


Time to Take Up Rugby: Learning a new sport might help your brain develop new gray matter, just like learning a new language, according to new research. We did know that physical training—especially resistance training like weightlifting—can improve your brain health. But it turns out that trying new sports has even more benefits than familiar physical endeavors, since practicing unfamiliar motions can lead to physical improvements in the part of your brain that controls motion. [The New York Times]

The Rocket Man: Scott Kelly, the American astronaut who spent 340 days in space aboard the International Space Station, returned to terra firma on Tuesday, tossing up a fist pump as he readjusted to life on Earth. [The New York Times]


The Latest in American Muscle: Chevrolet unveiled the new 2017 Corvette Grand Sport at the Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday, packing a little bit of the classic Stingray and the Z06 into the iconic frame. [Motor Trend]



An Icon Takes a Hit: Sports Authority, that venerable institution of Saturday-morning trips to pick up new shin guards for your fifth grade rec soccer league, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and is set to close about 140 of its 450 stores, chief executive Michael E. Foss said Wednesday. [The Wall Street Journal]

Walk the Plank: Quick recap: Kanye West is a recording artist, which means he ostensibly makes money off the sale of music, and a partner in the launch of Tidal, which charges people to listen to music. So when West tweeted this photo of his computer screen, which shows one of his Safari tabs opened to notorious (and mostly illegal) file sharing site Pirate Bay. It did not go over well with DeadMau5.


Rest in Peace, Hawk: Lee Reherman, who played the massive Hawk on American Gladiators, died Tuesday at his home in Manhattan Beach, his publicist told The Associated Press. He reportedly hadn’t been in good health after he underwent hip replacement surgery. [NBC News]

This Day in History: On March 2, 1962, Wilt Chamberlain put up 100 points for the Philadelphia Warriors against the New York Knicks—a mark that has never been matched. [NBA]

Draymond Green FTW: Up by only a point in overtime against the Atlanta Hawks, the historically awesome Golden State Warriors looked like they might surrender a rare loss. And then Draymond Green got the ball with 40 seconds left.


PLAY. OF. THE. NIGHT. Draymond Green just #CLUTCH!!!

Posted by Golden State Warriors on Tuesday, March 1, 2016


When Desert = Dessert: People who live in “food deserts,” defined as neighborhoods where people have limited access to full-scale grocery stores,” tend to eat fewer healthy foods—and we can tell just by taking a look at the Instagram posts of their meals. That was the tactic taken by Munmun De Choudhury, a computing professor at Georgia Tech, who found that the meals from “foood desert” posts had more cholesterol, sugar, and fat than in areas with more grocery stores. [The Atlantic]


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