Fit Fix: Look Who Shows up in the New Trailer for ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Spider-Man appears in the trailer for Marvel's 'Captain America: Civil War'

Look Who Decided to Drop By: After years of being snared in licensing limbo between two entertainment companies, Spider-Man finally joins his Marvel pals in the new trailer for Captain America: Civil War. It’s a huge deal for both the Avengers and Spider-Man franchise, since the webslinger had previously been preventing from crossing over because of his original licensing deal with Sony (just as the X-Men, another Marvel property, are licensed to 20th Century Fox.) But more importantly: Who’s playing him? Whose side is he on? And how in hell does he get the eyes of his super-suit to squint like that?

Step Into the Meat Grinder: Civil War must have tacked on a few extra minutes to account for all those superheroes, since it’s set to clock in at 2 hours and 27 minutes long—the longest Marvel film ever, Disney confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter.

It’s Good to Be the Rock: Even if it’s exhausting and utterly epic, there are perks. Alexandra Daddario, for example. #CoverYourEyesBoys


Same Faces, Different Universe: Zack Snyder originally tried casting Christian Bale in a non-Batman role for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, just to make it brutally clear that his Ben Affleck-led franchise is distinct from Christopher Nolan’s Batverse. [FilmInk]

Get Inked: As part of the promo rollout for DC’s upcoming Suicide Squad movie, each of the actors behind the villains/heroes unveiled unique tattoo-themed posters ahead of what seems like a South by Southwest appearance. (Hang on, we just got a marketing headache.) [Entertainment Weekly]


The Rich Get Envious: Matt Flynn caught some flak on Wednesday for this tweet (implicitly) criticizing Brock Osweiler’s new contract with the Houston Texans, even after Flynn essentially leveraged a single great game for the Packers into a nice deal with the Seattle Seahawks. [FOX Sports]



Best Secretary Ever: Bonus shots of Chris Hemsworth in the new international trailer for Ghostbusters.


Rue Fleener: Tight end Coby Fleener has joined the New Orleans Saints with a 5-year, $36 million contract, ESPN first reported Wednesday. Fleener has been a standout for the Indianapolis Colts for the past four years, and brings the Saints some much-needed stability at tight end after Benjamin Watson departed for the Baltimore Ravens on Tuesday. [ESPN]