Fit Fix: Mark Wahlberg Says He’s Starring in the Next “Transformers” Movie

Fit Fix: Mark Wahlberg Says He’s Starring in the Next “Transformers” Movie

Mark Wahlberg + EXPLOSIONS: The former Men’s Fitness cover guy confirmed he is once again set to helm the EXPLOSIVE fifth Transformers movie, reprising his EXPLOSIVE role in the EXPLOSIVE fourth installment of Michael Bay’s EXPLOSIVE franchise, according to an interview (in English) with the Portuguese-language movie site Cinepop.

Space Movies! In Space!: British astronaut Tim Peake blasted off to the International Space Station on his first space trip Tuesday morning, just days before the new Star Wars movie is set to debut. Not a problem, Peake says: The astronauts will have a copy to watch while orbiting the Earth. [ABC News]


Odell!: The blue-uniformed superhuman demigod known as Odell Beckham Jr. scored two touchdowns in Monday night’s game against the Dolphins: The first to tie the game, and the second to win it. [FOX Sports]

Siri’s New Frenemy: Microsoft has released its voice-recognition assistant, named Cortana, for the iOS and Android operating systems, the latest part of the company’s push toward the new Windows 10 OS. It remains to be seen whether she (it?) can play nice with Siri or Alexa, the disembodied voice belonging to the Amazon Echo. [The Verge]

Ronda Is Legion: Rowdy Rousey’s popularity extends far beyond the octagon—and apparently all the way to the World of Warcraft land of Azeroth, where a non-playable martial arts master named “Rhonda” can be found sharpening her (purely digital) combat skills. [FOX Sports]

Magic Re-Awakens, Too: Not to be outdone by J.J. Abrams’ Death-Star-sized movie juggernaut, Warner Bros. on Tuesday released the first trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, a new Harry Potter spinoff (first penned by J.K. Rowling) starring Eddie Redmayne.