Fit Fix: Meet the 14-Year-Old Who Can Deadlift Twice His Body Weight

Fit Fix: Meet the 14-Year-Old Who Can Deadlift Twice His Body Weight

The Powerlifter

Meet the 14-year-old who can lift more than 300 pounds.

Posted by The Atlantic on Monday, November 16, 2015

Strongest Boy in the World: On Monday we featured a quick video of a white-haired gentleman, reportedly 84 years old, who back-squatted what appears to be 330 lbs. Today’s weightlifting heroics are on the other end of the spectrum: The Atlantic‘s cool video feature on Jake Schellenschlager, the teenage phenom who holds five world records in powerlifting. (Learn more about Jake at Muscle & Fitness.)

“It’s a Hard Three Letters to Absorb”: Charlie Sheen is HIV-positive, the actor announced Tuesday morning in an interview with Matt Lauer on TODAY. Sheen does not yet have AIDS, his doctor said. Sheen said he confided his diagnosis in people he thought he could trust, but that he ultimately paid about $10 million to keep his illness a secret. The National Enquirer broke the news Monday.

The Refs Messed Up: The referees at Monday night’s Jaguars-Ravens game completely missed a false start penalty that would have negated the Jaguars’ game-winning field goal, an NFL spokesperson said. “There’s nothing we can do about it now,” Harbaugh said. It’s unfortunate, it’s disappointing. It’s gut-wrenching.” [FOX Sports]

It’s a Tiny Computer: The Chromebit, a new stick-sized computer from Google and Asus that runs the Chrome OS, can plug into any monitor’s HDMI port and serve as a perfectly functioning computer. Retail? A cool $85. [The Verge]

Presidential Medal of Freedom Announced: Steven Spielberg, Willie Mays, Barbara Streisand, and the late Yogi Berra are among the recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States, the White House announced. [Variety]

This is How You Crash a Wedding: Kendrick Lamar was greeted with a decidedly chilly reception when he crashed a wedding in Cleveland—until some people at the wedding realized he was, in fact, a reasonably famous rapper. Grammys open dance floors, dudes. [Billboard]

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