Fit Fix: Meet the 7-Foot-Tall High School Football Player Demolishing His Opponents

Lineman John Krahn stands 7 feet tall and weighs 440 pounds.

Morning, dudes. Here’s some cool news to kick off your weekend right this Friday, September 25:

(Grid)Iron Giant: Check out this video of John Krahn, a high school football player listed at 7 feet tall and 440 pounds. It is probably not fun to play quarterback against him. Or any position against him, really. [ESPN]

Man-Buns Might Be Making You Bald: A dermatologist tells Unilad that man-buns are causing “traction alopecia” (basically tension on hair follicles), which results in bald spots. [Unilad]

Chicken Recall: If you’re a fan of Sanderson Farms chicken, hold off on eating that stuff: The poultry producer is recalling roughly 275 tons of chicken products that may be contaminated with metal materials. [WTVA]

The Catch, Part 2: Pope Francis might be in Manhattan today, but New York is saving some praise for Giants superstar receiver Odell Beckham Jr. — he of “The Catch” fame — after he snagged the ball from a Washington defender and scored a 30-yard-touchdown. And he makes it look easy. [CBS Sports]

90s Kids Rejoice: Good news for all you guys who spent a potentially embarrassing amount of your childhood watching Nickelodeon shows: Now you can do the SAME EXACT THING EXCEPT IN ADULT FORM, because Nickelodeon is bringing them all back with The Splat, a dedicated block of vintage TV programming [USA Today]

Extreme Weather, Extreme Workouts: Hope you like running in muscle-sapping heat or blizzards, because the Old Farmer’s Almanac (a.k.a. the weather source for geezers who inexplicably refuse to watch the Weather Channel) is predicting a “big chill” in the winter, a “big swamp” in the spring and a “big sweat” in the summer. [PBS]