Fit Fix: Mike Tyson Is a Big, Nasty Nightmare for Donnie Yen in “Ip Man 3”

Mike Tyson squares off with Donnie Yen in "Ip Man 3"

Everybody Wing Chun Tonight: Who wins in a fight, the bruiser or the blur? We’ll find out for real—well, movie real—when unstoppable heavyweight Iron Mike Tyson takes on Donnie Yen’s famed martial arts grandmaster Ip Man in Ip Man 3. (Skip ahead to 0:52 of the trailer below to see Iron Mike taking the stuffing out of a speed bag and/or Yen’s ribcage). Whose fists are faster? We have a guess, but we’ll find out when the movie hits theaters January 22.

Tackling the Messenger: The National Football League and Major League Baseball are vowing to investigate Al Jazeera America’s new documentary on doping in professional sports, The Dark Side, after some of the leagues’ biggest stars—including Peyton Manning and the Chicago Cubs’ Taylor Teagarden—were alleged to have taken performance-enhancing supplements like HGH. Manning slammed the report as “garbage,” and key source Charlie Sly has recanted his statements made on hidden camera, although reporter Deborah Davies says she stands by her reporting. The challenge represents a major test for the Dubai-based network scrabbling for a foothold in the American cable TV market.

FitBit Races Ahead: The market leader in fitness trackers staked a major claim to winning the holiday commercial rush this year, as the FitBit smartphone app jumped 20 spots to claim the top spot on Apple’s free app charts. [Quartz]

The People’s Champ Returns: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is set to bring the People’s Elbow back to the canvas at Wrestlemania 32 in Dallas in April. Yeah, we smell what The Rock is cooking.


Anchored Into History: Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds scrambled, rumbled, and flat-out sprinted for 144 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns against the Pittsburgh Panthers on Monday night, thereby locking up the NCAA Division I record for most career touchdowns from scrimmage with 88. [CBS Sports]

That’s a Lot of Calamari: Some onlookers in Japan’s Toyama Bay caught sight of a real-life kaiju on Christmas Eve: a giant squid. This little guy—they grow to a reported 43 feet—was just chillin’ by a pier, where divers got up close and personal.

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