Fit Fix: People Are Pretty Pissed About Subway’s New $6 Footlong Price Hike

Fit Fix: People Are Pretty Pissed About Subway’s New $6 Footlong Price Hike

$6 Footlongs?!: On Thursday, Subway upped the price of their classic $5 footlong sandwiches, which the sandwich brand so gleefully celebrated with that hummable ad campaign back in 2007, to $6.

Technically, this counts as a promotion, since some Subway footlongs are actually more than $6. And yeah, we can imagine that the sandwich chain’s costs are probably more now than they were 9 years ago. Nevertheless, denizens of the Internet freaked out. Predictably.


The Beast Mode Store: Marshawn Lynch is opening the “Beast Mode” Store on Friday, where he’ll market all kinds of his styled swag to his fans. So naturally, it’s opening in …Oakland? A city with its own professional football franchise? Yes: It’s Lynch’s hometown, and he played college ball nearby at UC Berkeley. (We’ll still make the argument that he might make more $$$ if he opened shop next to the Seahawks’ stadium.) [San Francisco Chronicle]

You Are Supreme / The Chicks’ll Scream: NASA is showing off its new Greased Lightning drone-plane-robot, which can take off like a helicopter and fly like a plane, via Facebook’s cool 360-degree video feature:


360 Video of Greased Lightning GL-10 in Flight

Come fly with us! Take a 360 video ride with our battery powered, 10-propeller GL-10 Greased Lightning plane. This prototype can take off like a helicopter and fly efficiently like an aircraft. Start your ride:

Posted by NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration on Thursday, February 4, 2016


Something You Won’t See in Mad Max: To help idiots drivers maneuver around tractor-trailers on the road, Samsung is testing a concept called the Safety Truck, which features four big, weatherproof TV screens on the back doors. The screens display what’s going on in front of the truck, so drivers can know if it’s safe to pass the big rig. [The Verge]

Great Glayvin!: Three brilliant people have created a website called the Frinkiac, described as a screenshot search engine for quotes from The Simpsons. (If you have to ask about the name of the site, then it’s probably not for you.) [FRINKIAC]