Fit Fix: the Return of “Good Burger” — and What Happens When You Eat One

Kenan and Kel Thompson reunite in a "Good Burger" sketch

Morning, dudes. Here’s some cool stuff we thought you’d find interesting this morning:

Welcome (Back) to GoodBurger: That Fallon kid is at again, and this time he reunited Kenan and Kel Thompson for a GoodBurger sketch. Awww hell yeah.

Speaking of Burgers: This is apparently what happens to your body after you eat a Big Mac, according to some random blog. (What is it with the random blogs and the post-bad-food infographics?) [Yahoo! Health]

#NoExcuses: Less than a week after 100-year-old Don Pellmann set five world records in track and field, Japan’s Hidekichi Miyazaki broke his own world record for being the oldest competitive sprinter with a 42.22-second run in the 100-meter dash. Miyazaki is 105. [Guinness World Records]

It’s Okay to Smoke a Little: Everyone’s favorite TV M.D., Dr. Mehmet Oz, spoke on an NYC radio show and dished out some facts about smoking weed, shrinking beer guts, the brain’s craving zone, and the biggest erect penis on record. [Men’s Fitness]

The Best Colleges for Hooking Up: Here’s a list of the top 10 best college campuses for hooking up, getting kinky, and finding all-around likeable people, according to a survey from the dating/matchmaking app Clover. [Men’s Fitness]