Fit Fix: “Ride Along 2” Wins the Box Office As Kevin Hart and Ice Cube Dethrone “Star Wars”

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in "Ride Along 2"

Good morning, gents, and a happy Martin Luther King, Jr., Day to you all. Whether you’re rejoicing in the holiday or reading this article while hiding in the bathroom stall at work, here’s what you need to know to start your week:

Star Wars Dethroned: After four weeks atop the box office, Daisy Ridley and co. have finally ceded the #1 spot to Ride Along 2. Maybe all the galactic Resistance needs is Kevin Hart and Ice Cube with a couple of Glocks. [Variety]

The Fight Is On: Ronda Rousey told TMZ she is still planning to take on Holly Holm “some time later in the year,” although she’s not sure exactly when. [MMA Fighting]

Speaking of Ronda: Besides the Holm rematch, Rousey has her hands full outside the octagon: She’s set to star alongside Tina Fey! in the upcoming Universal comedy Do Nothing Bitches, in which she presumably whips the aforementioned DNBs into shape. She’s also hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend.

He Just Tries Really Hard: Matthew Dellavedova, the scrappy Australian folk hero known for occasionally getting a little chippy on behalf of the Cleveland Cavaliers, has been voted the NBA’s “dirtiest player” according to a straw poll of NBA coaches, assistants, and players. [LA Times]

Burn Their Banners: Cam Newton has just defeated your team, Seahawks fan. He does not want your 12th Man flag.


Speaking of Which: That moment when you set a new 1-rep max in the bench press (and/or realize you can do anything because you’re Cam Newton):


Alternatively: That moment when you set a new 1-rep max in the deadlift (and/or realize you can do anything because you’re Dwight Howard):


Yeah, this happened after practice today. Comment to this post with “Dwight Howard #NBAVote”

Posted by Houston Rockets on Sunday, January 17, 2016


Coming Soon to Netflix: Because you should at least suggest watching something when you invite your girlfriend over to Netflix and chill. (Somehow, Netflix forgot to mention House of Cards, which returns March 4.)


See What’s Next for Netflix in 2016

Mark your calendars.

Posted by Netflix on Sunday, January 17, 2016


So That’s What the Break Room Looks Like: Props to Saturday Night Live for setting up Adam Driver—sorry, “Kylo Ren”—as an undercover boss strolling through Starkiller Base. (Also: If you didn’t see The Force Awakens, then this skit will make no sense.)

What do people say about Kylo Ren around Starkiller Base? He went on Undercover Boss and found out.

Posted by Saturday Night Live on Sunday, January 17, 2016


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