Fit Fix: the Rock Is Somehow Getting Even More Jacked for ‘Fast 8’

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is pounding the iron. via Instagram / @therock

Phenomenal week of hard training as I'm 18 days away from steppin' on set for Fast & Furious 8. Should be fun. The tricky part this whole time is I have a week left of shooting #BAYWATCH where the character was roughly 235-238lbs the entire shoot. Today I tipped the scales at 252lbs. When I step on set for #Fast8 I'll land somewhere between 252-255lbs. The shirtless scenes have all been shot for #BAYWATCH so with clothing Im able to cover up this final week of production. For #Fast8 – after havin' long chats with Universal and my good bud/director F. Gary Gray, the character of "Hobbs" has been hired to do three things: Raise the bar, dominate and destroy… and chew bubble gum. And Hobbs is always out of bubble gum. Thank you Rowdy One for that line. A lot of you guys out there (many pro and amateur athletes as well) know how f'n challenging it is to dial in and "make weight" for a performance or contest. Not fun, but hopefully it becomes all worth it in the end when you achieve your goals. Respect. In this case, Fast & Furious 8 will be my fourth rodeo with this franchise. The character has got to evolve – bad ass, focused, bounty hunter mentality and above all else – funny. In a winking way for the audience to enjoy. If there's no character growth, then it's over. And it ain't ever over 'til Hobbs says it's over. I think that line needs to be in the movie;). Promise to do my best to deliver the goods. Until then, we all keep makin' it happen with hard ass work and our own two hands. While chewin' bubble gum and drinkin' some blue gorilla urine concoction that puts apparently puts hair on your chest. Yum. #ExcellentWeekOfWork #IronParadise #FromBaywatchToFastAndFurious #BlueDrinkMakesDaddyWannaSlapSomebody (and thank the Lord I'm shooting JUMANJI and BALLERS in the fall. Tired of eating so damn much;)

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The Rock Adds a Stone: Dwayne Johnson’s character in Fast 8, Hobbs, is essentially a human wrecking machine with three jobs: “raise the bar, dominate and destroy.” So DJ, being the dedicated gym rat he is, has already started stacking on muscle to better ‘fit’ the character. After filming most of the shirtless scenes in Baywatch at 235-238 lbs. with just a final week of filming left, Johnson has added roughly 14lbs. on his way to a target weight of 252–255. His fuel? “Some blue gorilla urine concoction that puts apparently puts hair on your chest.” (Side note: The Rock has given himself less than two weeks of a break between shooting the movies. That’s professionalism.)

Two-Time MVP: After setting an NBA record with 402 three-pounters and leading the Golden State Warriors to a record 73 regular-season wins, Stephen Curry is set to win the NBA MVP award for the second year in a row, according to reports. (The NBA has not formally announced the MVP.) If the award is official, Curry is only the eleventh player to win the award in consecutive years. [USA Today]

A Profitable Battle: Captain America: Civil War won the box office this weekend, raking in $181 million on its way to the fifth-largest debut in box-office history. [The Wall Street Journal]

But Will There Be POGS?: Producer Simon Kinberg says the sequel to X-Men: Apocalypse is set to take place in the 1990s, which means we can’t wait to see Wolverine ripping up everyone while wearing baggy JNCOs and a Stone Temple Pilots t-shirt. [Nerdist]

Love Is Patient, Love Is Deadly Accurate: The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kevin Love utterly threw Thabo Sefolosha with two consecutive pump-fakes, then drew the foul as he shot a three-pointer en route to a four-point play in Game 4 of the Cavs’ second-round playoff series against the Atlanta Hawks. Cleveland won the game 100-99, locking up the series for the Eastern Conference favorites.


A Product of His Own Success: After guiding a formerly lackluster Leicester City squad to their first-ever Premier League title, Claudio Ranieri might be on track to work the same magic for his home country in the World Cup. “I hope Ranieri can win a World Cup with Italy, that would be the best,” Italian Football Federation president Carlo Tavecchio said in an interview with Italy’s ANSA. “We’re thinking about a lot of different things right now, but those in his second sporting homeland are wishing him every success…” [ESPN FC]

Smashing the Iron Ceiling: American weightlifters set seven new national records at the USA Weightlifting National Championships in Salt Lake City on Friday, including a snatch of 124kg (273 lbs.) from Derrick Johnson in the 62kg weight class [Team USA]

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