Fit Fix: Stephen Curry Is a Superhuman Who Came to Earth to Play Basketball

Fit Fix: Stephen Curry Is a Superhuman Who Came to Earth to Play Basketball

Fifty-One Points!: Stephen Curry absolutely unloaded on the Washington Wizards’ home court Wednesday night, dropping 51 points—including 11 3-pointers, seven of which he made consecutively—for an astounding performance, even by Stephen Curry standards. It’s the Golden State Warriors’ 45th win this season.



Fortunately, his teammate (and occasional Kevin Hart comedic partner) Draymond Green was on hand to help him cool off afterwards:


Speaking of Steph: We got a glimpse of just how unbelievably quickly Curry executes those quick cuts, step-backs, and three-point shots this week, thanks to the Degree MotionSense Lab and some very cool new technology from Lightwave. [Men’s Fitness]

As If the Warriors Couldn’t Get Any Better: Golden State are determined to sign Kevin Durant out of free agency, and he is most interested in joining them, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, citing sources in the NBA. [Yahoo! Sports]

Get Me Bruce Willis and Aerosmith: Luxembourg—yes, the tiny European country you probably only think about on trivia night—is partnering with Deep Space Industries to mine asteroids for rare and precious minerals, the country’s deputy prime minister said in a press release. [NBC News]

Top Gear Gets Friendlier: Matt LeBlanc—you probably know him as Joey from Friends—is set to join the BBC’s Top Gear as a host, joining new host (and fellow self-described “petrolhead”) Chris Evans. (Also noteworthy: The British phrase for “car show” totally WOULD be “motoring programme.”) [New York Times]