Fit Fix: Throwback to the Future

Fit Fix: Throwback to the Future

Morning, dudes. It’s October 21, 2015, also known as BACK TO THE FUTURE DAY. Here’s some cool stuff from around the web, both flux-capacitor-equipped and otherwise:

Brought to You By Mr. Fusion: Toyota’s new “Fueled by the Future” spot features the new Toyota Mirai (and a sick soundtrack), which is powered by hydrogen fuel derived from trash. [Toyota]

Throwback to the Future: Pepsi says it’s selling a limited edition of “Pepsi Perfect,” the soda that Marty McFly drinks in Back to the Future Part II. Enjoy it on your hoverboard, naturally.


10.21.15 The Future is Now. #PepsiPerfect

Posted by Pepsi on Monday, October 5, 2015


Xbox One for $300: Dell is offering the Xbox One—plus Fallout 4, Gears of War Ultimate, and an extra controller—for just $300, according to an advertisement that leaked on ‘Tis the season! [Polygon]

Beast Mode Frappuccino: Seattle’s adopted son Marshawn Lynch has partnered with Starbucks to create his own “Beastmode” Frappuccino, which presumably tastes like torn-up turf and touchdowns.


Marshawn Lynch Creates Beast Mode Frappuccino

Beverage sales benefit Marshawn Lynch’s Fam 1st Family Foundation.Learn more at

Posted by Seattle Seahawks on Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Mike Ditka and the Mystery Fart: Did the former Bears coach rip ass on live TV? You decide—but Cris Carter’s face is about as close to a dead giveaway as it gets.



Just in Time for All Those Milky Way Bars: The “Halloween Asteroid,” a giant hunk of space rock roughly the size of the Empire State Building, is set to whiz (safely) by Earth on October 31. We’d like Bruce Willis and Aerosmith to stand by, just in case.

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