Fit Fix: Tiger Takes a Selfie With Shooter McGavin and Stephen Colbert Makes His “Late Show” Debut

Tiger Woods and Christopher "Shooter McGavin" McDonald take a selfie at the U.S. Open

Morning, dudes. Here’s the latest in cool dude stuff news (etc.) for Wednesday, Sept. 9:

Tiger Takes a Selfie With “Shooter”: When Tiger Woods ran into golf legend Shooter McGavin at the U.S. Open on Tuesday night, they commemorated the moment with a perfect selfie. (If you don’t get the joke there, you are either under the age of 17, or you need to re-watch Happy Gilmore immediately.)


The Colb-era Begins: Stephen Colbert debuted as host of The Late Show on CBS, welcoming George Clooney, Jeb Bush, and a host of musical guests for his first night in David Letterman’s old gig. Also, he ate about two packs of Oreos. (We all have our vices.) [Men’s Fitness]

He’s Really Sorry, You Guys: In a Tuesday radio interview, Tom Brady apologized for the “Deflategate” scandal that distracted attention from the Patriots’ Super Bowl win last football season, saying “it should have been a very joyous offseason.” Tell that to the Colts and Seahawks fans, Tom. [Sports Illustrated]