Fit Fix: Tom Brady Goes Free, Tesla Launches New Ride, and College Football Returns

Tom brady 2007 main

Morning, dudes. As you ease into the Labor Day weekend, we thought we’d catch you up on the latest in guy stuff for Thursday, Sept. 3:

Tom Brady Goes Free: A federal judge officially overturned the NFL’s ruling on the field (Brady’s four-game suspension), hopefully ending the saga over the Patriots quarterback’s deflated balls. [New York Times]

Sam Balboa: This hype video mashing up Sam Bradford highlights with that awesome pump-up speech from “Rocky Balboa” will definitely get you through the morning. Unless you’re a Giants fan, or you have a personal vendetta against Sam Bradford.

College Football Is Back: Fire up the tailgater and summon the hatred for that other school in your state, because college football season is back tonight. North Carolina and South Carolina kick off the season tonight, as do Central Florida and Florida International, at 6 p.m. ET.

But Does It Travel Through Time?: Tesla is set to debut its long-awaited Model X crossover SUV, featuring “falcon wing doors” (we guess that’s more impressive than “gull wing doors”?), but a range of only 240 miles. Price tag: $132,000. No word on whether it’ll include a flux capacitor. [Engadget]

Under the Dome: Six people. Locked under a dome in Hawaii. No fresh air, no fresh food, no privacy. For a year. It’s not a reality show—it’s a yearlong experiment, conducted by NASA, to test how people might handle a yearlong mission to Mars, the space agency said.  (It would make a pretty great reality show, though, wouldn’t it?) []

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