Fit Fix: Tom Brady Just Did His Best ‘Lion King’ Reenactment With His New Puppy

Tom Brady with his dog, Fluffy.

It’s the Circle of Life: Tom Brady got his Rafiki on in celebration of his new dog, Fluffy. Fluffy does not look amused.


Everything the light touches, Fluffy…

Posted by Tom Brady on Thursday, February 25, 2016


FIFA Gets Its New Ruler: After a tumultuous election featuring controversy, backbiting, and allegations of human rights violations—so, business as usual for FIFA—the world’s governing soccer body picked UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino as its new president. Infantino, who burned €500,000 in UEFA funds traveling around the world prior to his election—again, business as usual—will look to restore FIFA’s reputation after the scandal plagued reign of his deposed predecessor, Sepp Blatter. “I want to be the president of all of you. I travelled through the globe and I will continue to do this. I want to work with all of you to restore and rebuild a new era where we can put football in the center of the stage,” Infantino told the delegates after his victory. [The Guardian]

New Record: Steph Curry set a new NBA high-water mark Thursday night, notching his 128th consecutive game with a three-pointer against the Orlando Magic. He knocked down 10 treys in total, notching 51 total points and racking up 8 assists and 7 rebounds a night after putting up 42 on the Miami Heat. [Yahoo! Sports]

No Look Is a Good Look: The Boston Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas made the Milwaukee Bucks look silly, too, acing this no-look backwards pass to Jae Crowder for a three-pointer from the corner.


Isaiah Thomas was the H&R Block Clutch Player of the Game in Thursday night’s win over the Milwaukee Bucks. Check out some of IT’s top plays.

Posted by Boston Celtics on Friday, February 26, 2016


RIP Duke: Tony Burton, who played the big-hearted boxing trainer Duke in the Rocky movies—first in Apollo Creed’s corner, and then in the Italian Stallion’s—died at age 78 on Thursday, his family said. Unlike Sly Stallone or Carl Weathers, however, Burton had actually trained as a boxer, winning light heavyweight titles in 1955 and 1957 in his native Flint, Michigan, before turning to an acting career. [NBC News]


I See Obese People: BMI is a notoriously bad measure of both body composition and overall health.So why the hell do we keep using it? [FiveThirtyEight]

Mars Ain’t the Kind of Place to Raise Your Kids: NASA astronaut Scott Kelly is set to return home on Tuesday after a year aboard the International Space Station, the longest an American’s ever spent in space. He said he “could go another year if he had to,” but is still excited about heading home after what he described as being “in the woods camping for a year.” [New York Times]

Watch the Throne: George R. R. Martin, the author of the Game of Thrones series of books, said he’s planning a big plot twist for the sixth book in the series, The Winds of Winter. But there’s a meta-twist: the plot twist won’t exist in the HBO show, since the character involved is already dead in the TV version. [IGN]

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