Fit Fix: This Video of Liam Neeson Swinging a Hurley Is the Most Irish Thing You Will See Today

Liam Neeson with a hurley in Anterim.


“Up the Ruairis!”: Irish legend Liam Neeson decided to voice his support for his local club hurling team, the Cushendall Ruairi Ogs, in the most Liam Neeson way possible: with shouting and onscreen action. The Ruairis, as they’re known, play in the All-Ireland hurling championships on St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin. (Hurling, by the way, is an ancient Irish sport played with hurleys, which basically amounts to hockey, on grass, with no pads, and only nominally more civility.) [Irish Independent]

Morgan Freeman! In Dreadlocks!: Today in remakes of cinematic classics, Paramount presents Ben-Hur, the rebooted, CGI-enhanced version of William Wyler’s 1959 cinematic epic. It’s set in the Roman Empire circa 30 A.D., so naturally everyone except Morgan Freeman has…British accents.

The Gunners Fizzle: Barcelona’s stellar strikers once again proved they are in a class of their own on Wednesday as they defeated Arsenal, 3-1, to reach the Champions League quarterfinals for the ninth consecutive season. [FOX Sports]

Speaking of Stellar Strikers: Neymar would like everyone to know he is perfectly happy in Barcelona, despite concerns over the club’s financial stability and the nature of Neymar’s contract. [ESPN FC]

Bayern Marches On: Up 2-0 in the first half, Juventus looked set silence Bayern Munich in their latest leg of the Champions League tourney. Instead, the best team in the Bundesliga regrouped, notched two more goals to send the game into extra minutes, and then scored two more to secure a 4-2 win and a spot in the quarterfinals. [NBC Sports]

Fossil Digs Up Something New: Fossil on Tuesday introduced its new “Fossil Q” line of Android-powered smart watches, plus a new fitness tracker called the Q Motion, which looks poised to take on Fitbit’s new style-conscious Alta. [The Verge]