Fit Fix: Watch This Hoverboard Knock Out Mike Tyson in Seconds

Mike Tyson falls down, goes boom.

Hoverboard Idiocy, Part 1: It took Buster Douglas 10 rounds to do it, but this little piece of battery-powered plastic on two wheels knocked Mike Tyson to the floor in seconds. #DownGoesTyson

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Hoverboard Idiocy, Part 2: Maybe Mike Tyson should take lessons from the Rev. Albert San Jose, a Filipino priest who manages to move forward, backward, and spin—all while singing—during Christmas Eve mass. The only downside: He was suspended by the local diocese, which frowned upon the stunt as a way to “capriciously introduce something to get the attention of the people.” [The Guardian]

“Drunk and Disappointed”: Not really a fan of New Year’s Eve parties? Neither is Jennifer Lawrence, who apparently loathes the unofficial holiday of champagne and kitchy sunglasses. “I’ve never had a good one,” she said during an interview for Thursday’s episode of The Graham Norton Show, according to People. “Everyone’s chasing a good time and it’s always a disappointment … I always end up drunk and disappointed.” Sound familiar? [People]

For All You Hardcore Nerd Bros: Some wonderful wizard out there has created Unofficial Quidditch Pong, the perfect way to amplify/ruin your childhood love for Harry Potter with your newfound love of cheap beer and ping-pong balls covered in frat-house basement grime. (We call Katie Bell on our team!) [Mashable]

First Look at The Punisher: Marvel’s infamous vigilante—and inspiration for all those skull shirts you see at the gym—is making his first appearance in season 2 of Netflix’s Daredevil series, per new photos released through Entertainment Weekly. [EW]

“Time to Make a Change”: The Philadelphia Eagles fired Chip Kelly Tuesday night before the team’s home finale, after the mastermind of Oregon’s warp-speed offense delivered three underwhelming seasons at the helm. [CBS Sports]