Fit Fix: Watch Vladimir Putin Face Off With the Russian Judo Team

Vladimir Putin grapples with Russia's national judo team coach Ezio Gamba.

Putin’ on the Moves: Vladimir Putin sparred with members of the Russian judo team in Sochi on Friday, according to state media. He grappled with several judokas, including one woman, who managed to wrap him up (albeit briefly) in what might be termed a fairly, uh, frisky bout. (Time to wrap up that billowing judogi, Vlad!)


Putin throws members of national judo team to the ground

Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in a training session with the Russian national judo team in the city of Sochi on Friday.Russia’s leader, who holds a black belt in judo, sparred with national team coach Ezio Gamba and a judoka in the Russian team.(Video: Ruptly)

Posted by China Xinhua News on Friday, January 8, 2016


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