Fit Fix: We’re Pretty Sure Ronda Rousey Is Starring on the Cover of SI’s 2016 Swimsuit Issue

Fit Fix: We’re Pretty Sure Ronda Rousey Is Starring on the Cover of SI’s 2016 Swimsuit Issue

Question of the day: Who does this butt belong to? Because even though one of Sports Illustrated‘s photo editors has Instagrammed it with some fairly unambiguous captions about the magazine’s upcoming 2016 Swimsuit Issue, the magazine’s editorial staff is still apparently a little bit confused about whose body paint-highlighted butt it might be.


Look, Sports Illustrated: We know a little something about magazines, and we’re calling shenanigans on this one. By now, you guys know damn well who’s going on that cover. And judging by a few not-so-inconspicuous tatoos on this unnamed model’s wrists, we know damn well who it is, too. So if you’re gonna tease Ronda Rousey’s return to the Swimsuit Issue, then at least do it a little more tactfully than Instagramming a photo of her minimally painted ass and saying you can “neither confirm nor deny” who that ass belongs to. You bet your minimally painted ass you can confirm it! (End rant.) [Sports Illustrated]

Oh, and by the way: Rousey is set to make her first apperance as the host of Saturday Night Live on January 23.

“Competition Is the Ultimate Training Program”: New Balance has unveiled its new Digital Sport platform, pitched as a way of “understanding, motivating and improving the lives of athletes through digital experiences and wearable technologies,” according to a press release. NB is partnering with digital powerhouses like androidwear, Intel, Strava, and Zepp to create the tech-integrated wearables. [New Balance]

Here’s Another Movie Starring the Rock: Dwayne Johnson has had a busy week. After he launch a new comprehensive fitness tracking system with Under Armour and introducing the world to new Baywatch star Kelly Rohrbach, he made his first (vocal) appearance as the demigod Maui in a teaser for Disney Animation’s upcoming flick, Moana. [YouTube]

Nice Curves: LG’s sent shockwaves through the Consumer Electronics Show on Tuesday with an 18-inch TV that can be rolled up like a newspaper, along with a superthin 55-inch TV and a set of “extreme curve” 65-inchers that can bend. The only caveat: They may never see production, so don’t hold your breath. [CNN Money]

Dell Curry & Son: The Internet has resurrected a ’90s Burger King commercial featuring NBA veteran Dell Curry “and son,” telling the younger Curry that it’s going to take “lots of hard work and practice” to be in the NBA. You probably know his son as Steph Curry, who just so happens to be the MVP (albeit an injured one) on the defending champion Warriors. [H/T Bleacher Report]


Stephen Curry Starred in Adorable Burger King Ads with Dell Wh…

Young Steph and dad Dell in a Burger King commercial back in the day.

Posted by Bleacher Report on Monday, January 4, 2016


The Ultimate Napping Machine: We all love the post-workout nap, but sometimes it can be tough to find a suitably dark, quiet place to pull it off. Solution: the Nutshell, a “pod-inspired platform for productive break-taking,” which wraps around your head to let the other people at your office know that you just need a minute. Or maybe 20. [BuzzFeed]

He Looks…Cuddly!: After decades of sporting one of the most recognizable bald heads in sports, Brian Urlacher unveiled a new look this week—namely, hair, thanks to a transplant procedure. But a columnist at the Chicago Tribune isn’t too thrilled with the new look, saying that Urlacher’s famously chromed dome “conveyed toughness, strength, [and] power.” Now? “He might as well be Jake from State Farm.” Words hurt, man.


Hometown Zero: In his application seeking to move the St. Louis Rams to Los Angeles, Rams owner Stan Kroenke knocked the Gateway City as a weaker market that should only be a two-sport town, which predictably is not going over well with the die-hard Rams fans who have cheered on their team for 21 years. [ESPN]

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