Fit Fix: Will Ferrell on Drunk History, Ryan Reynolds Gets Slapped, and 100-Year-Old Track Star Sets 5 Records

Will Ferrell plays Roald Dahl on "Drunk History"

Morning, dudes. Here’s the cool stuff popping up around the Internet on Tuesday, September 22:

A True Master: Don Pellmann set five world records on Sunday in San Diego, putting up impressive numbers in the the 100-meter dash, high jump, shot put, discus, and long jump. Oh, and he’s 100 years old. (His chosen pre-meet meal: Fried macaroni and cheese.) [Men’s Fitness]

It Burns: A high-school football player felt something burning on his face during a game Friday, so he dashed to the sidelines—where coaches realized an opposing player had allegedly smeared his face with Icy Hot. “Our player came to the sidelines, and he was covered in Icy Hot. Covered in his face,” said the principal of La Canada High School. [CBS Los Angeles]

Slapjack: As Ryan Reynolds knows, nothing’s better for promoting a new movie—Mississippi Grind, in this case—than showing up on the Tonight Show and getting slapped in the face with a giant prosthetic hand. (At least it wasn’t a different giant prosthetic appendage.)

Slapjack with Ryan Reynolds

Jimmy and Ryan Reynolds compete in a high-stakes game of blackjack where the loser of each round gets smacked in the face with a giant rubber hand.

Posted by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday, September 21, 2015


They Call It Project Titan: Apple has hired 1,800 people to work on a car that will either be electric, driverless or both, and is set to debut in 2019. Hey, they clearly know how to build batteries, entertaining pocket computers, and other various sundries of the digital age—why not an ecologically friendly pick-me-up-from-the-bar machine? [Wall Street Journal]

Roald Dahl’s Drunk History: Will Ferrell is hilarious in this Drunk History clip as British spy-turned-author Roald Dahl. We guess he can tear a pretty good yarn.