Fit Man on Campus: Don’t Make a Freshman Mistake in the Gym

Fit Man on Campus: Don’t Make a Freshman Mistake in the Gym

Two guys walk into a gym and…

Yes, this sounds like a start of a joke, but these five punch lines aren’t anything to laugh about. We asked celebrity trainer Jay Cardiello of Cardiello Fitness for some of the mistakes he’s seen at the gym that make his blood boil. Before you point your finger at someone else, make sure you aren’t guilty of one of these ridicule-worthy moves.

…don’t train their posterior.

Typically speaking, there are three exercises that dominate most fitness programs: the bench press, bicep “anythings” and crunches. But to really be bigger, faster and stronger, more men should focus on building their posterior chains with such exercises as deadlifts, hip dominant leg exercises, good mornings and planks. Why would someone who spends most of his time behind a desk train so much of the anterior portion of their bodies so as to create more of a forward tilt?
Go to any gym and you will see guys banging out rep after rep on the bench, curling everything and everyone and ripping reps on crunch equipment. In comparison, go to any professional strength training facility and you’ll witness athletes developing what matters—their posterior. With all of the athletes that I have ever trained, I have never had them perform a bicep curl, and still can’t find any sport except for bowling where I would need to have an athlete perform curls.

…look like lollipops.

Did you ever notice that after a hurricane, it’s the top-heavy trees that get uprooted, while palm trees always seem to ride it out? Overdeveloping the upper region your body will not only keep your from ever wearing shorts to the gym, but on a physiological level will actually hinder you from developing to your full potential.

On the most simplistic level, your legs are the largest muscles in your body, producing the most testosterone and also have the ability to kick your metabolism into high gear. But that’s only if you work them out. So, stop with the Jersey Shore program.

..put their feet on the bench.

How many times have we witnessed gym rats performing a bench press with their feet up on the bench? That is one of the cardinal sins of the bench press. Yet, I have heard everything from, “I’m trying to maximize my results,” to, “This way, I am isolating my chest.”

First off, what? Secondly, the bench press is a full-body exercise. By keeping your feet off of the ground, you are not only reducing your power and strength gains, but also placing yourself in an unsafe and unbalanced position.

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