Fit Travel: 5 Ways to Avoid Vacation Weight Gain [VIDEO]

Fit Travel: 5 Ways to Avoid Vacation Weight Gain [VIDEO]

It’s hard enough to stick to a diet plan when you’re at home and completely in control of what you’re putting in your mouth. Now get on a plane and head somewhere exotic—and it becomes all too easy to just say “screw it” and plan to double-down on your healthy eating efforts after you return home. 

The problem with that attitude is that you can do some serious damage in a pretty short period of time….especially if you’re eating and pounding local beers like there’s no tomorrow. The key to enjoying yourself (without coming home with extra baggage around your midsection) is to focus on what you can and should be eating—not what you can’t have, says Rob Murgatroyd, our fitness expert-at-large.

Using the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos as a backdrop, he shows us how easy, and gratifying, it can actually be to maintain control and focus on your food while on vacation. 


Rob Murgatroyd runs Jet Set Life, where he creates fitness-minded travel videos and guidebooks, and uses his techniques to stay fit as he travels the world.To learn more about Rob Murgatroyd’s Fitness Program check out Jet Set Body.