Fit Travel: the South Beach Workout [VIDEO]

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Trying to maintain your workout routine while you’re on vacation can require superhuman feats of willpower. Not only are you away from your everyday environment, far from your home gym and your favorite equipment, but you’re in a situation where drinking, partying, sleeping late and slacking off are practically required. How can you possibly be expected to avoid backsliding—or skipping out on fitness altogether?

The fact is, you probably won’t stay on pace with your fully committed, non-vacationing everyday alter-ego, but that doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel—literally—and just take a full week off. Instead, your best move is to take advantage of your less hectic schedule and more attractive environment by squeezing in a few super-short outdoor workouts. To get you started, we teamed up with traveling workout expert and fitness competitor Rob Murgatroyd, who compiled a complete, on-the-go workout you can do anywhere.

In this exclusive three-part series, Murgatroyd traveled to South Beach where he filmed a trio of quick-hit combinations. If you literally have just 3 minutes to spare, just do one—or package together all three for a high intensity full body workout. Ten minutes and you’re done—and on your way back to the beach.

South Beach Travel Workout: Part 1

South Beach Travel Workout: Part 2

South Beach Travel Workout: Part 3

Murgatroyd’s BONUS Fit Travel Tips:

At the Airport: To keep blood circulating and battle stiff joints between flights grab a quiet airport corner and do a series of side bends and pigeon stretches. Drink water, not alcohol, on the flight to keep your muscles and joints hydrated.

In Your Hotel Room: To max out full-body benefits in confined spaces (like your hotel room) do a few sets of burpees—a fluid push up and jump—to increase your heart rate. Core exercises like sit-ups, mountain climbers, and plank holds help maintain strength and stability, and don’t require a lot of space. 


Rob Murgatroyd runs Jet Set Life, where he creates fitness-minded travel videos and guidebooks, and uses his techniques to stay fit as he travels the world. To learn more about Rob Murgatroyd’s Fitness Program check out Jet Set Body.

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