Fitness Star Anna Victoria’s Top Tips for a Successful Body Transformation

Personal trainer and fitness influencer Anna Victoria was one of the first pioneers in the body-positivity movement. While most other Instagram fitness personalities kept up the same-old physical perfection routine, Victoria regularly posted before-and-after transformation photos on Instagram, snapshots of cheat-meal bloat, and even stomach rolls.

And body love isn’t just a movement for women to get behind.

“Body positivity means accepting and loving your body through all stages of life—as we age, [when we] start families, and the times where we’re really killing it [in the gym],” Victoria says. “I look at it as a balance between accepting yourself and loving yourself, but also wanting the best for yourself and your body and really taking care of yourself.”

AND I REGRET NOTHING 🍕🍔🍷🍪 (btw those emojis are literally what my cheat meal was 😂) If you're following 80/20 and you're going hardcore on that 80, then you deserve to go just as hard on that 20, amiright? 🤷‍♀️ and NO GUILT ALLOWED! 🙅❤️ On another note, I want to talk about "Bloated vs Non-Bloated" and "Sitting vs Standing" style pictures. These types of photos have become quite popular over the last year or so, and that's exactly what I was hoping would happen. I personally started sharing these photos when I was feeling pressured to be "perfect" and conform to society and IG standards. I wanted to show that you don't have to and you can still love every bit of your perfectly imperfect self. It was as therapeutic for me as it was for all of you and to see so many others sharing these types of photos has made me so happy knowing the positive impact it has on men and women of all ages. Now, the reason I want to bring this up…now that it has become somewhat "trendy" to do these types of pictures, I've seen lots of people start to bash on them for being attention-seeking, fake, and saying their only intention is to get likes, followers, go viral, etc. This makes me sad to see people criticizing those who are trying to make a positive impact or shift people's perception about what is real on ig. If someone gets more followers or likes because of it, who cares?? There's a much bigger picture here. I've received messages that these pictures have helped save girls from eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and more. Dub these photos "attention seeking" or "fake" while I continue focusing on the lives, hearts and souls they save. I will also say I don't do these photos often on purpose. I want each time I share a "#keepingitreal" photo to be 100% genuine and in the moment, just as this was. Am I posing before? Hardcore. Am I pushing out in the after? No. I'm relaxed and my tummy is just seriously bloated from all my cheat meal goodness. Let yourself live. Enjoy the meal. Drink tons of water after. You'll be bloated, yes. But the next day it will be gone and you'll be right back on track slaying another week of that 80%. 😉 #fbggirls

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She’s undergone an impressive body transformation, and found great success from her Fit Body Guides. That, and requests from her fitness community devotees, has served as the inspiration for her latest venture: the Body Love app. The app goes beyond a mere static PDF, providing videos of workouts, mindfulness, as well as nutrition plans. Input your age, height, weight, activity level, and goals, and the app will adjust to you.

“The app calculates your daily needs and macros, then spits out a meal plan that has everything portioned out for your individual needs,” Victoria told Men’s Fitness. “I really wanted to find a solution—to give people something they don’t have to do themselves that’s catered to their needs and goals.”

Beginning a transformation of your own? Watch the video for more of Victoria’s tips on successfully completing a body transformation, finding the balance between nourishment and indulgence, and enjoying the journey no matter how far along you are.

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