A Fitness Trend Men Should Try: Trampoline Workouts

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If you think jumping on a trampoline is child’s play, think again. Trampoline classes are popping up in gyms across the country. The low-impact antigravity cardio workout is easier on your joints than pavement-pounding. Plus, trampolining improves your balance, gets your heart rate up, and can boost cardio better than 33 minutes of running, according to research from NASA. “Since trampolining reduces impact by 40 percent, it allows you to work out harder and recover faster since your body isn’t getting as beat up as it would doing impact exercises on the ground,” says JumpSport fitness expert Steve Carver.

Ready to bounce? First, you’ll need a well-built trampoline (like these ones from JumpSport). You’ll also benefit from strapping on a heart rate monitor to see how hard you’re working. Check out this sample workout that will kick your butt more than you thought possible.

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1. Warm Up

Start out with jumping jacks in the middle of the trampoline and flow into high-knee running in place.

2. Core: “Powerbounce” with Alternating Lateral Reaches

Sit down on the trampoline and quickly pop up to standing position as fast as you can. Each time you stand up, reach alternative arms across your body.

Here’s another core move to try: While sitting in the middle of the trampoline, lift legs off the ground and contract your abs for 20 seconds, then release. Repeat 3 times.

3. Legs: Lateral Plyo Jumps

Stand on one foot on one side of the trampoline, and then quickly transition to the other side of the trampoline by landing on the opposite foot. Always push off with the foot that is down. Do this for 20 seconds and repeat 3 times with 10 seconds of rest between sets.

4. Upper Body: Planks to Pushups

Start in plank position with your forearms in the middle of the trampoline. From here, transition to your hands. Do a pushup and return to your forearms for another plank. Make sure that your abs are engaged the entire time. Do this for 20 seconds and repeat 3 times with 10 seconds of rest between sets.

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