Fitness Trend: Strength Training Is America’s Favorite Way to Work Out in 2016

Fitness Trend: Strength Training Is America’s Favorite Way to Work Out in 2016

The No.1 workout category in the country? Strength training, says a survey of 2016 fitness trends. But what if you want to branch out from hoisting iron—say, take a cycling class or two or try some yoga poses?

That’s where ClassPass, which conducted the survey, comes in.

A rapidly growing monthly subscription service, ClassPass allows its members unlimited access to fitness classes at scads of boutique gyms in 39 cities (so far) around the country.

If you’re feeling adventurous, give it a try—plans range from $75 to $135 per month (and check the website,, for a weeklong trial period). Just think twice about using it on Tuesdays—which is, the survey found, the favorite workout day of pretty much every exerciser in America. 

Now, while strength training was the most popular genre overall, ClassPass also discovered the favored fitness categories by geography:

– Workout fiends in the northeast have a passion for cycling
– Southeasterners are really into barre classes
– Men and women in the midwest love strength training
– People in the west and southwest favor Pilates. 

Finally, the survey unveiled some more stats that might make your fitness regimen more efficient (or at the very least make you more strategic). The most popular time of day for those in the northeast to sweat is 6:30p.m., while southeasterners prefer 6a.m. (The survey didn’t include details on the time-based habits of folks in the west—sorry.) So if you’re not into crowds, tweak the time of your workouts accordingly.  

Oh, and kudos to you if you live in New York City; New Yorkers are the most intrepid, taking an average of 35 different classes a year.

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