“Fittest on Earth”: Check Out the New Trailer for the CrossFit Games Documentary


Yes, CrossFit has its critics. And yes, lines like “this is the true way to build Batman” smack of a little too much CrossFit braggadocio.

But these muscled-up gladiators have a point. “To be an athlete at the CrossFit Games, you have to be among the most disciplined and committed individuals on the planet,” 2015 men’s champion Ben Smith says. And he’s right: Between all the ripped-up palms, the fainting, and the faceplants into sand, these people have to be pretty damn committed just to get into the starting lineup.

(Seriously, there are so many jacked Icelandic women in this trailer, we no longer need to imagine what Ragnarok will look like. It’s Sara Sigmundsdóttir and women’s champion Katrin Davidsdottir doing Olympic lifts as thousands of people cheer them on. Icelandic genetics, everybody!)

The full documentary follows Smith and Davidsdottir, plus top competitors like Sigmundsdóttir and Mat Fraser, as they climb, swim, run, and generally get all woozy for the sake of becoming the fittest humans on earth. If you’re feeling a little overconfident in your gym routine, you might want to give it a watch when it comes out on iTunes on February 23.

And in the meantime, there’s this:


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