Taste Test: Food as Medicine With HANAH ONE’s Ayurvedic-Inspired Supplement

Why do cordycep mushrooms that grow in the Himalyan Mountains have more potent healing properties than others? And why does it matter where herbs and honey are sourced?

Joel Einhorn, the founder of HANAH, an Ayurvedic-influenced company, has answered those questions from his own personal experience.

taste test hanah one
The pinnacle of HANAH’s products is this blend of 30+herbs, Keralan Mountain honey and Vechur ghee. Photo: Tomo Saito

Einhorn created HANAH’s flagship product, HANAH ONE – a blend of Keralan mountain honey, artisanal ghee, sesame oil and active ingredients like ashwagandha, turmeric and curcumin (out of necessity). In 2008, while training for his second IRONMAN triathlon, he was in a serious bike accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury and broken collarbone.

Suffering from vertigo every time he closed his eyes, Einhorn was unable to sleep for two days. After seeking a holistic remedy, he was introduced to a doctor of Ayurvedic medicine – a holistic system derived in India that has been around for thousands of years and is based on finding the root cause of an issue instead of just merely treating the symptom.

The doctor set him on a regimen of daily herbs such as ashwagandha – a potent adaptogen that promotes physical and mental health, brings the body into balance and increases longevity. Within a matter of days his vertigo had cleared. Months later, he was swimming, running and biking again – and feeling stronger than ever.

taste test hanah
Avid cyclist, Ironman athlete and founder of HANAH, Joel Einhorn. Photo: HANAH

“We believe that the food you put in your body is your medicine,” Einhorn tells ASN, pointing to other Eastern practices like yoga and meditation as similar types of this preventative self-care.

His first-hand experience with Ayurveda’s healing power solidified his thinking about how pure ingredients found in nature could make a difference.
And Einhorn wanted to pass this important knowledge along to others.

“It is crucial to understand the source of what we are purchasing and putting into our bodies,” says Einhorn. “Not all herbs, ingredients or supplements are created equal. Ashwagandha and other ingredients in HANAH ONE have grown naturally in Kerala, India, for thousands of years, in fertile soil at a specific altitude. Ayurvedic doctors have sought out these special locations and cultivated the herbs, working with local farmers to ensure the ingredients are both pure and of the highest quality.”

Tapping into this world of ancient tradition and remedies led Einhorn and the HANAH team to journey to Kerala and Bhutan to source cordycep mushrooms for their latest supplement, Cordycepts+ capsules. While in these remote locations, they explored the hillsides and were able to see firsthand how these ingredients are sourced.

taste test Hanah one
The HANAH Go Pack being put to good use on the team’s recent travels to Bhutan. Photo: HANAH

With guidance from Dr. V.A. Venugopal, Einhorn formulated HANAH ONE using 30 wild-harvested botanicals and ghee from Vechur cows – a rare breed native to Kerala known for the purity of their dairy products. The result was a blend that is now backed by snowboarding heavyweights like Travis Rice, who calls HANAH ONE’s Go-Pack a must-have for fueling up on backcountry days.

Curious about this product – and, perhaps even more curious about how the blend of so many distinct ingredients would taste – I decided to try it myself by adding it to my daily morning coffee. I’ve taken supplements like ashwagandha on their own, and incorporated ghee into my cooking routine in the past, but I can say without hesitation that I’ve never consistently taken such a nutrient-packed supplement until discovering HANAH ONE.

Following the instructions, I added about a tablespoon of the jam-textured supplement to a cup of warm (not hot) java. The first big difference I noticed was that I felt consistently satiated throughout the morning (even when I didn’t have breakfast along with my coffee). I also noticed that my energy levels felt balanced – unlike the typical spike after my morning coffee and the jittery end to the morning as blood sugar begins to drop.

taste test Hanah One
Mixing HANAH ONE into your daily coffee is a great way to sneak in some pretty powerful nutrients. Photo: HANAH

One serving, or a tablespoon, of HANAH ONE has 80 calories, 2 grams of fat (1 gram is saturated) and 4 grams of fiber. The omega-3 and -9 fatty acids and nutrients found in Vechur ghee help support the immune and digestive systems, as well as balance out hormones. Ashwaghanda promotes alertness and the result is a much-needed morning boost that staves off hunger and keeps energy levels stable.

That sentiment has been echoed by several athletes, like professional climber and photographer Jimmy Chin, pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones, pro surfer Otto Flores and ski mountaineer Kit DesLauriers, many of whom have been using the product for years, and credit HANAH with increasing their energy levels and maintaining their overall health amidst crazy-busy training schedules.

The rich flavor is reminiscent of maca powder, with earthy, chocolate-like notes. Adding HANAH ONE to a cup of coffee is like adding a swirl of honey and cinnamon, giving the coffee a richer flavor with a hint of sweetness.

It’s a pleasant way to start the day and the subtly noticeable corresponding results (although not nearly as major as Einhorn’s recovery story) were enough to motivate me to incorporate it into my daily routine moving forward.

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