Forecasting 2015: Our Predictions for the Top 10 Fitness Trends in 2015

Main forecasting 2015 our predictions for the top fitnesstrends

We’re confident in forecasting what fitness trends to watch for in 2015. See what the hype is all about and watch as they pick up momentum in 2015.

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Concierge Fitness

SIN (Strength in Numbers) is a fitness concierge company, meaning its employees will prepare you in every possible way for a fitness class except actually take the class for you.

Vanessa Martin, founder of SIN, will schedule you for the best classes in town, have a pre-workout meal of your choice delivered to your door, get a car service to take you there, and make sure she or someone from the team works out with you, encouraging you to push that much harder during class. As you can imagine, these individualized services come with a price, but if you fit a secretary into your budget, why not make it a fitness secretary?

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Specialized Boutique Fitness

2015 will be the year of the fitness boutique. With a variety of payment options and locations, fitness companies that either create their own blend of training or specialize in one type of training have struck the right fitness chord with the masses.

Whether a studio is dedicated to just treadmill running, like Mile High Run Club, or to underwater spinning, or indoor rowing, the 2015 fitness enthusiast likes to hit up multiple specialized studios for a little bit of everything.

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Aerial Fitness

Take an aerial fitness or aerial yoga class for a unique athletic experience. By utilizing a hanging hammock made of fabric, your body is placed in positions you would have never imagined in these aerial classes.

Unnata Aerial Yoga is an hour-long class that will stretch your entire body like never before while easing your mind of the day’s worries.

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Obstacle Course Race Training

By 2013, more than three million people had run an obstacle course race, according to Off Course: Inside the Mad, Muddy World of Obstacle Course Racing. With the increase in sponsorships and mass appeal for Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Civilian Military Combine, and other OCR companies, athletes are starting to set up their own year-round OCR training facilities. Better yet, gym chains are starting to offer classes to train their members for an obstacle course race. Check out some spots you can train to conquer any obstacle in 2015.

Mylo Obstacle Fitness
Mylo Obstacle Fitness is a 75-acre outdoor obstacle course gym with obstacles, weights, and medicine balls in Austin, TX. Open seven days a week, Mylo Obstacle Fitness also builds obstacle races for parties who request them.

UXF-Civilian Military Combine (CMC) Prep
Offered at New York Sports Club, Philadelphia Sports Club, Washington Sports Club, and Boston Sports Club, UXF-CMC Prep is a six-week training course to prepare for the CMC.

Epic Hybrid Training
Featuring outdoor Spartan Race training runs and an SGX Spartan Inspired class for Spartan Race preparation, New York–based Epic Hybrid Training offers OCR training at two city locations.

Camp Rhino
A 10,737-square-foot training facility in Las Vegas, Camp Rhino offers unlimited access to its obstacle course training gym for $50 a month in addition to OCR classes.

New York Health & Racquet Club
The New York gym chain offers an Obstacle Race Training class at its 23rd Street and 50th Street locations.

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Self Myofascial Release

With an increasing number of self-myofascial release certification (e.g., Trigger Point Therapy, Rumble Roller) classes and products, it seems like just about everyone has caught on to the foam roll craze. Look for this trend to pick up steam in 2015 as new recovery tools and classes enter a gym near you.

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At-Home Fitness Goes More High-Tech

Due to demanding work hours, lack of access to a gym, and personal preference, working out at home can be the only option for some people to get fit. Fitness equipment manufacturers and online fitness companies have caught on to the needing/wanting to train at home by introducing new digital ways to get fit in 2015.

Peloton is an indoor cycling company with a studio in New York City that makes a home cycling bike. The Peloton bike allows you to stream live classes from the studio, full with the class members’ workout data, so you’re basically competing against them from home.

Nautilus made a change to its popular Bowflex Max Trainer machine, allowing it to integrate workout data to Apple Health Kit. It’s new line of treadmills is set to feature the upgrade as well.

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Trampoline Workouts

Jumping Fitness is a trademark trampoline workout class created in Europe in 2001. Fast-forward to 2015 and Jumping Fitness is in more than 500 gyms worldwide and will open its first U.S. location in 2015 in Redondo Beach, CA, called Jumping Fitness, Joy and Vitality. The company also plans to open more gyms nationally. JumpLife is a popular trampoline fitness class in New York City, and any rebounding class will torch hundreds of calories since you’re constantly moving and stabilizing.

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Competitive Fitness Classes

It’s one thing to work out in a group, it’s another thing to try to be the best athlete in your group. Classes such as Flywheel, Orange Theory, and Pursuit by Equinox push athletes to a whole new level by displaying their workout data on a screen during and after the class. We’re not talking about counting rest time, we mean real-time fitness metrics every time you work out.

Flywheel is an indoor cycling class with a leaderboard called the Torqboard, which displays RPMs, speed, power, distance, and calories. Orange Theory Fitness facilities display a leaderboard that provides heart rate data among other variables with the goal of staying in the “orange,” or fat-burning zone, for 84% of the workout. Pursuit by Equinox blends virtual reality gaming with competitive fitness to provide an intense indoor cycling experience.

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More Trackers

Amp Strip is an adhesive-band-aid-size heart rate monitor to be worn on your torso for days. It monitors your heart rate 24/7 via sensors on the strip and transmits the data to an app via Bluetooth. It’s currently available for preorder on IndieGoGo.

NuMetrex’s Adidas miCoach Training Shirt allows you to snap a transmitter chip into the sensor-laden compression shirt that will then sync workout data to compatible electronics.

Athos makes a chip that can be worn in its compression shirt and/or shorts to monitor heart rate, EMG muscle activity, and breathing rates.

BSX Athletics makes a calf compression sleeve that holds a chip that uses a light to measure your blood lactate levels. Using a combination of the device and the app’s advanced programming, the app can tell you what pace to run/cycle at in order to reach your estimated lactate threshold.

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Even Shorter Workouts

HIIT and Tabata training have been around for years and they’re not going anywhere. In fact, look for gyms and fitness equipment manufacturers to try and include shorter, more intense workouts into their programming because of the realization that all the 2015 athlete really needs to start or end his day is a quick fitness fix.

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