A Former CrossFit Games Finalist Just Set a Pushup World Record. Here’s How to Improve Yours.

Photo: @gillianwardathlete instagram

After previously finishing in the top three at the CrossFit Games, taking down a pushup record seemed like a pretty good idea to Gillian Ward.

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The competitive powerlifter and bodybuilding contestant set her sights on the women’s world record for pushups in an hour—and she smashed it. Ward knocked out 1,190 pushups in 60 minutes to beat the previous record of 1,020, following an intense training period that saw her practice by doing 900 pushups in 45-minute periods.


“I trained with the goal of 1,200 in my mind, even though the number to beat was 1,020,” Ward said to the Carolina Coast Online. “Surprised would not be the right word, because I felt extremely prepared both physically and mentally. The question was really whether or not my body would hold up to the plan.”

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Ward posted some of her pushup training videos on Instagram as well as some of her other fitness workouts:


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