What’s Cooking: Freediver Kimi Werner Shares Her Favorite Way to Cook Up a Fresh Catch

The first day of fall may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t holding on to the remaining summer vibes as tightly as we can. While the sun still shines, we’ll still continue to get outside, eat fresh, delicious food and soak in the last remnants of the season.

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Known for her incredible talents and prowess in the water, as well as her tenacity when it comes to defending natural landscapes, it was easy to see why we turned to Kimi Werner to help us craft a healthy meal from a fresh catch.

What sets Werner apart from some of her contemporaries is her understanding of the wildlife found in the depths of the sea. Werner has struck a balance of hunting in a sustainable manner and maintaining a profound respect for the wildlife she interacts with.

We spoke to Werner about her relationship with the ocean, and how freediving and spearfishing have influenced her diet and lifestyle.

“The more time I spend spearfishing, the more my body seems to crave food straight from the land and ocean. My body craves fresh veggies and clean proteins of fresh fish or local venison. It craves the food that comes straight from nature,” Werner told GrindTV.

Here’s what else she had to tell us.

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What behaviors do you think people can change and adapt to live healthier lives? Not just for their bodily health, but for the health of the environment as well.

I just think people owe it to themselves and our Earth to examine their choices more. Look closely at the choices we make and look deeply into how they affect the world around us. The more we examine, the more we will find and define our preferences and live healthier lives.

How has your relationship with the ocean affected what you consume?

It makes me want to eat from my garden more and avoid crops that have been sprayed with pesticides, because of all the runoff from industrial agriculture. It makes me want to avoid buying food that is packaged heavily and unnecessarily in single-use plastic. My relationship with the ocean makes me want to eat fresh and sustainable catches from the sea.

Kimi’s Recipe for Summer Rolls

Kimi shows off her summer roll, which can easily be transitioned into a fall snack as well. Photo: Kimi Werner

Ingredients for rolls

– Rice paper (There are also good brands of brown rice paper available)
– 2 pounds of fresh fish of any kind, boneless fillets sliced into strips
– 1 clove of garlic, minced
– 1 half teaspoon of ginger, minced
– Salt and pepper
– Sesame oil
– Raw organic carrots, grated
– Raw beets grated
– Cilantro chopped
– Mint leaves
– Sliced avocado
– Rice wine vinegar

Ingredients for dipping sauce

– Organic chunky peanut butter
– Sweet Thai chili sauce
– Fish sauce


Soak carrots and beets in vinegar for 10 minutes. Salt and pepper fish and sauté lightly in sesame oil with ginger and garlic until just cooked through. Remove. Follow instructions on how to dip wrappers into water to soften.

Once ready to roll, place all ingredients horizontally in a line in the center of the wrapper, leaving room on the edges for folding. Fold both sides in and roll using fingers to hold all ingredients together until sealed.

In a bowl, mix 3 tablespoons of peanut butter with 3 tablespoon of sweet Thai chili sauce, adding fish sauce to taste (rice wine vinegar optional).

Feel free to experiment and add rice noodles or a variety of different veggies and fillers to summer rolls.

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