The Full Body Stability Workout

Stability training for core strength

Stability training refers to performing exercises while on an unstable surface with the goal of activating stabilizers and trunk muscles that may get negelcted with other forms of training. Whether you’re doing stability ball training or unilateral exercises like the ones in this workout,  core strengthening is a surefire to prevent future back pain. Unilateral training, lifting weight on only one side at a time, prepares you for movements in daily living and sports that bilateral movements (using both limbs at the same time) may not cover. Keep your core tight during this full body stability workout designed by Mike Strevel, Training Manager at DavidBartonGym, to build strength, prevent injury, and improve balance, coordination and performance. 


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Reverse Woodchop
Sets: 4
Reps: 10 (each direction)
Rest: 1 min.
Using a medicine ball or cable, start in a squatted position with weight slightly over your left foot. While keeping arms straight, simultaneously stand up and rotate arms and torso diagonally to the right so that medicine ball/handle is over right shoulder. Your arms should be fully extended towards the ceiling at the end of the movement.

Pistol Box Squat
Sets: 3
Reps: 10-12 each leg
Rest: 1 min.
Use a chair, box, or bench that is about knee height. While sitting on the bench put one foot flat on ground while holding the other leg straight out and place your hands in front of you. Contract glutes and quads then drive heel through the ground and stand up tall. Slowly return back to start position until seated again. Repeat.

Split Stance Shoulder Press
Sets: 4 (switch leading legs each set)
Reps: 10-12 reps
Rest: 1 min.
Stand with feet hip width apart and take one step forward so you’re in a split stance. Lift dumbbells up while keeping elbows at shoulder height. This is the start position. Press dumbbells overhead while engaging abs and glutes to provide stabilization throughout the entire movement. Bring weight back to start position.

Sets: 3-4
Reps: 10-12
Rest: 1 min.
Grab a bar and while engaging the abs and glutes squeeze the bar and pull, think about pulling the bar to you and not you to the bar. Try to avoid swinging your body.

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift
Sets: 3(each leg)
Reps: 10-12
Rest 1 min.
Stand on left foot with knee slighlty bent, right leg flexed so heel is off ground and a dumbbell in right hand. Push hips back and lower the dumbbell slowly towards the ground. After passing below the knee, return to the top. Keep back flat and chest up for the duration of the movement. 

Split Stance Cable Row
Sets: 3-4
Reps: 10-12
Rest: 1 min.
Stand with feet in a split stance and face a pulley machine with a D-handle attachment. Keep your shoulders square, chest up. Grab the cable with one hand, place your opposite hand on your hip, and stabilize your spine by contracting abs, glutes, and quads so there’s no movement. Pull the cable towards your hip contracting your lats. Slowly return to start position.

Pushup Variations
Sets: 3-4
Reps: 10-20
Rest: 1 min.
Do two variations of pushups: one for time and one for tempo. For tempo, perform 4 seconds down and 4 seconds up. For the second variation, do a faster tempo of 2 seconds down and 2 seconds up. 

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