Gain the “Fit” 15

Gain the “Fit” 15

To handle the freedoms of college without getting fat, you need a plan that lets you enjoy campus life and still keep the body you built over the summer. Follow our advice and you’ll survive just fine.

Manage Your Time
You’re your own boss now, so take charge. Create a weekly chart that includes your class schedule, study times, and workouts. Any time left over is yours. Make the most of it by making “appointments” for all the things you need to do—and keeping them.

Eat Breakfast
Without your mom around to make “brain food,” you might resort to coffee and doughnuts. Or nothing. Instead, start every day with eggs, oatmeal, fruit, and water. You’ll be more alert in class and less apt to binge later in the day.

Enjoy the Freebies!
College gyms often offer free personal training and nutrition counseling.

Join a Team
If you like sports but aren’t on a college team, try intramural sports. They’ll feed your competitive juices, keep you fit, and put you on a fast path to making friends.

Your grades—and gut—depend on it. Try to agree on a “lights out” time with your roommate, or keep track of his schedule so you can plan times to sleep late or nap.

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