Game Changers 2014: Jarret Stoll

Game changers 2014 jarret stoll

At some point toward the end of every 82-game regular NHL hockey season, a war of attrition sets in among the teams vying for the Stanley Cup. Fatigue weighs heavy, legs feel like Jell-O, and players take on the look of battered, bearded warriors.

Luckily, veteran third-line center and relentless penalty killer Jarret Stoll, 33, knows better than anyone how to prepare himself for the slog of a long season—he played in 78 regular-season games last year and all 26 of the Kings’ playoff games en route to his second Stanley Cup this summer.

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The secret to his durability? Yoga, four or five times a week. It’s not some ploy to pick up chicks (no need—Stoll’s dating Fox sideline reporter Erin Andrews); it helps with “strengthening and lengthening the body and preventing injuries,” he says. “It calms me down and puts me in the right place. It’s relaxing, but also what I need the most to get ready.”

Stoll also does cardio and lifts, favoring circuits of burpees, lunges, pullups, and shuttle drills. But if you ask him, it’s all about the yoga.

FIT FACT: Stoll is a big fan of agility-ladder workouts. “When I travel, I take the ladder with me,” he says.

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