Game Changers 2014: Jay Blahnik

Game Changers 2014: Jay Blahnik

There are scores of great trainers out there, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a more revolutionary one than Jay Blahnik. Blahnik has been among the most well-known and successful fitness figures over the past decade, becoming a best-selling author and contributing his expertise to a number of media outlets. This included regular pieces on and in the Los Angeles Times, and he was named one of the top five instructors in the world by Shape.

Such distinctions, of course, put him in with a top tier of trainers already, but they also don’t mention his instrumental help in tying together fitness with sleek, new technologies. While with Nike, he created Nike+Running, the largest online community of runners, among other apps, but the most recognizable item he provided consultation on was the now well-known Nike FuelBand. We all remember when it came out a couple years ago, asking a Band-wearing friend how it worked and if there were any loopholes in the programming. To our collective fascination, the thing worked, and much of it was thanks to Blahnik’s ability to guide Nike’s development in a way that maximized the FuelBand’s usefulness and utility for consumers, making it a nifty, desirable gadget.

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Ever since the summer of 2013, Blahnik has been hard at work in development for Apple, whose CEO was a huge fan of the FuelBand and snagged Blahnik for a full-time gig as a result. When a fitness instructor gets poached by one of the biggest technological giants on earth, there must be some top-notch savviness he’s bringing to the table.

FIT FACT: Blahnik wrote a book on flexibility called Full Body Flexibility.

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