Game Changers 2014: Sol Orwell

Game changers 2014 sol orwell

Buying supplements can be like buying stock—it’s often a big investment and there’s no guarantee of any payoff. Online reviews aren’t trustworthy and even word of mouth is suspect, since not everyone responds the same way to a product. But Sol Orwell, 31, an Internet entrepreneur who retired in his early 20s, wants to see the day where creatine and gingko are as universally understood as apples and oranges.

In 2011, the Toronto native co-founded a website intended to provide the first unbiased reference for nutritional supplements, A fitness addict himself who had to “forget about a magic pill” on his way to losing 50 pounds, Orwell recognized the need for hype-free, science-sourced information that was relatable to the masses. Examine employs researchers to analyze the latest supplement studies and compile the findings—the papers they’ve drawn from now total more than 33,000.

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The site gets 500,000 views a month, and its sole source of revenue, the $49 Supplement-Goals Reference Guide, is a continually-updated digest that spills the vetted facts about supps. “Our audience is big and mature enough that that sustains us,” says Orwell. Examine has no affiliation with any supplement company, and, he says, never will. – Sean Hyson

FIT FACT: Sol consumes fish oil, Vitamin D, and creatine every day.

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