Game Changers 2014: Stephen Curry

Game changers 2014 stepehen curry

Imagine a basketball player with ball handling that rivals any streetball legend, Magic Johnson-type court vision, and a deadly jumpshot with range so deep it starts when he steps out of bed in the morning. That’s Stephen Curry, the fifth-year point guard who led the league with 261 three-pointers last season and has helped transform the obscure Golden State Warriors franchise into an exciting playoff team.

As a sophomore, the 6’3” point guard carried Davidson College to its first NCAA Tournament win in nearly 40 years. Today, at 26, Curry’s game represents the modern NBA team’s evolution into a three-point-shooting bomb squad. His accuracy is impressive—no doubt thanks to some genes from his father, former NBA sharpshooter Dell Curry—but what really sets Curry apart is that his threes can originate from literally any location or situation—on the dribble, from behind a screen, off one foot, fading away into the corner, or even 28 feet from the basket. He doesn’t need space. He doesn’t need time.

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“Steph any day, best shooter to ever play,” Kevin Durant tweeted earlier this year. We wouldn’t put Curry’s name up in lights next to Larry Bird or Ray Allen’s  just yet; however, if that’s the target Curry’s aiming for, we wouldn’t bet against it. 

FIT FACT: “When I am on the road I also use a weight-pulley system where I am strapped in and then work on my dribbling with added weight on my body,” Curry said in an interview earlier this year. “For shooting, I’ll take shots with someone hitting my arms with a pad. This helps me practice taking shots in traffic.”

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