Game Changers 2015: Oliver Hudson

Game Changers 2015: Oliver Hudson

When actor Oliver Hudson signed on to be spokesman for FL2—the men’s division of sportswear line Fabletics, co-founded by his sister, actress Kate Hudson, it came with a sacrifice—the basketball shorts he’d worn since 1985, which he felt obligated to trash now that he was a poster guy for high-end sportswear.

“I swear to God,” the star of TV’s Nashville and Scream Queens says. “They were archaic. It was like giving a piece of myself away.”

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But the sports nut is glad he did—not least of all because his workouts have gotten way more comfortable. And the FL2 partnership has allowed him and his famous sister to get closer, bonding over not only their love of the outdoors but also their “darkly funny” sense of humor.

Case in point: On Father’s Day, Oliver caused an Internet firestorm by posting an old photo of him, Kate, and their estranged dad, Bill Hudson (Oliver and Kate were raised by mom Goldie Hawn and stepfather Kurt Russell), with the caption, “Happy abandonment day.”

“I have no regrets about that—we hadn’t spoken in 12 years, and we ended up talking for three hours,” he says. “If you know my sense of humor, you understand that that’s me, unfiltered and uncensored.”

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