Game Changers 2015: Russell Westbrook


As if being this year’s scoring champion weren’t enough, the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook has gone and racked up more fashion points, too: In ’15 he’s continued selling his well-received line, Russell Westbrook XO, at prestigious NYC style mecca Barneys and become a creative director at True Religion. Here, the 26-year-old discusses why sometimes the threads do make the man.

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For a guy whose basketball achievements are so well documented, you seem these days to make as many headlines for your forays into fashion. Why is making a name in the fashion world so important to you?

It gives me another outlet to be creative, to use my mind, and to find ways to do other things besides basketball

You’re a sports star, you have a line at Barneys, you’re a creative director at True Religion—what’s your day-to-day like, juggling all your different roles?

Basketball is something I use as my platform, so when I’m able to branch out and be a creative director at True Religion or design different things for Barneys, it gives me another way to use my mind and show people a different side of me, that I’m not just the guy who plays basketball. I have ideas on the things I like to see when it comes to creating fashion items. Nothing goes out without my OK, regardless of what it is.

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Do you have some basic tips for guys struggling to pull it together with their style choices, any simple advice that might come in handy?

Just be yourself. When guys try to dress up, a lot of them choose too many different designers and colors and try to do a little too much. I think it’s important that you just be yourself and not try too hard to follow a certain trend. Create your own trend.

You’re often called the best-dressed guy in the NBA. Who else in the league do you think has good style?

Oh, I think a lot of players out there have their own individual style. Dorell Wright [of the Portland Trail Blazers] has good style.

Is there anyone in the NBA you’ve had your eye on who could use a Russell Westbrook makeover?

[Laughs] A lot of people.


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