Get Buff in the Buff: Naked Workout Classes Are Coming to New York City

Naked Workout Class Offered in NYC
Barcroft Media / Getty Images

New year, nude you?

While some of you may have made the New Year’s resolution to carve the perfect torso or lose your love handles in 2018, you probably never imagined you’d be getting buff, well, in the buff.

Not Harry Hanson. The celebrity personal trainer, who has worked with the likes of Tom Cruise and Rihanna, will offer naked training sessions starting on Jan. 5, 2018, at his New York City training studio, Hanson Fitness.

Yes, you heard that right: You can ditch that high-tech training gear and do your fat-burning cardio and muscle-building strength training in your birthday suit.

“The class is designed to be a total-body workout that uses your bodyweight as resistance to work the glutes, butt, legs, and core,” according to a Hanson Fitness press release. The studio plans to offer three sessions a week—one for men, one for women, and one mixed—at its SoHo location.

And while we have a lot of questions (and reservations) about getting sweaty while buck-naked (aside from in the bedroom, of course), there are some unique benefits of this unorthodox method. Studies have shown that sleeping naked can help your body cool down more quickly, while Hanson Fitness touts that fewer sweaty clothes means less laundry on your part. (Duh!)

The real question we want answered, though, is would you try it? If the answer is yes, you can contact the studio here to reserve a spot (we’ve got a sneaking suspicion there are plenty of New Yorkers willing to give this workout a shot). If the answer is no, you can check out our seven diet tips for looking better naked, which you can do fully clothed in the privacy of your own kitchen. Or not.

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