Get That: Cannon-Arm Fastball

Get That: Cannon-Arm Fastball

So, you wanna throw like Craig Kimbrel? Well, it doesn’t happen overnight and you can’t learn to throw fire playing Wii Baseball. You need to work at it. According to Eric Cressey, of Boston’s Cressey Performance, athletes can build strength in their arm with three simple steps.


“First, build up your long toss,” Cressey says. “If you’re looking to build up arm speed, play catch and gradually build up your throwing distance over the course of several weeks. Then, once your arm is loose and you’re comfortable throwing from long distance, step up to the mound.”


Cressey’s second and third pieces of advice are to work on mobility and learn to hold the ball correctly. In order to keep your arm mobile and strong, good upper back and hip muscles are crucial. “Being able to throw a baseball isn’t just about being strong; it’s about having stability through some extreme ranges of motion.

Exercises To Try:

> Side-Lying Windows
6-8 reps per side

> Back to Wall Shoulder Flexion
6-8 reps

> Forearm Wall Slides at 135 degree angle
6-8 reps

> External Rotation to Wall
8 reps per side

* Watch Cressey demo of these exercises here >>>


And lastly, knowing how to hold the ball is crucial. “Keep your grip relaxed,” Cressey cautions. “The less firm, the less friction. Also, remember to place your fingers along the seams and never make contact with the palm of your hand if you’re trying to throw a fastball.”

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