Get Fit and Get Paid


With the start of the New Year come the infamous New Year’s resolutions. Thousands eagerly rush to the gym and purchase a membership, swearing this year will be the year they stick to their fitness goals. Alas, for many this newfound motivation will burn off way before those holiday calories ever do. By this time next month, more than half of the recommitted gym-goers will stop losing pounds and start losing hope of ever seeing their six pack again. They will become victims of the infamous resolution killer–lack of motivation. But now there’s a fitness app that looks to bolster motivation by challenging users to put their money where their pride use to be. The app, Gym-Pact, is the brainchild of Harvard graduates. It’s a mobile app that charges you money when you skip out on your workouts and pays you when you stick to your goals.

How It Works

When you sign up, you provide your credit card number and the number of times you want to work out per week. You then set how much money you want to be charged if you skip a workout. Using GPS technology from your phone, you use the app’s check-in feature when you arrive at the gym to validate your workout. Gym-Pact has 40,000 gyms pre-programmed into the app but if they do not have yours, you can register it. At the end of the week, Gym-Pact takes all the money collected from those who skipped their workout and divvies it up amongst those who didn’t. But what if you get sick or hurt? Those Ivy League alumni are always way ahead of you. “If you ever run into medical issues, just ask your doctor or employer to fill out this medical exemption note and email it to You will be exempt from your Pact until you are better,” according to their website. After you tell your doctor you need a note for your iPhone, do not be surprised if they suggest you get a cat scan. According to the Gym-Pact website, over 2,300 users have signed up for Gym-Pact on their launch date of January 1, alone. Amount you pay in fines for skipping the gym: $30 Amount of money paid to you for not missing a workout: $35 Getting paid and getting a six-pack: Priceless. Looking for other ways to use technology to get fit? Get started by entering to win an HP Envy 14 Beats Edition laptop by “liking” our Facebook page.

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