Get a Free Gym Membership


Gold’s Gym, AKA the most hallowed ground in all of strength training, turns 50 this year. The garage-turned-gym in Venice Beach, CA, founded by former merchant marine Joe Gold, still attracts the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and hosts several other celebrities. 

Now, to celebrate, Gold’s is offering a free seven-day membership that’s available at locations all over the country; it’s also launched a Fit Test app and 12-week workout plan, which is written just for you, gratis, after you fill out a questionnaire about your goals.

For an authentic on-site experience, says Jason Williams, Gold’s GM, first buy the “stringer tank,” then hit the free weights, and feel free to take a photo with the famous Gold’s statue in front of the building. And if it’s a celeb sighting you’re after, come late afternoon to glimpse sessions led by famed trainer Charles Glass, then walk to the Firehouse Restaurant for a Bodybuilder Combo, a healthy post-workout feast. Only then will you have “done Gold’s right.” 

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