Get Ripped on the Beach: Jim White’s Ultimate Beach Workout

Get Ripped on the Beach: Jim White’s Ultimate Beach Workout

You spent all winter cooped up in the gym. Now you need to get your ass outside. Whether you’re on vacation or lucky enough to live close enough to the waterfront, it’s time to make the beach your gym. So we called up Jim White, owner of Jim White Fitness and Nutrition Studios in Virginia Beach, and asked him for the ultimate beach workout. It’ll get your heart racing and cook your legs and core. And it only takes 30 minutes. Whatever you do, just make sure you don’t say “suns out, guns out.”

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Part One

“Lunges challenge balance and stability throughout the legs and hips as well as core. Squats are going to be hard after this but we want to work all the muscles in the legs and keep the heart rate up! With the lateral lunges you’ll be using adductor and abductor muscles most people neglect so stay controlled with these motions and be sure to keep toes straight forward and lunge deep to properly execute this exercise,” says White.

>Walking lunges – 1 minute

>30 seconds rest

>Air squats – 1 minute

>30 Seconds rest

>Lateral lunges, left – 30 seconds

>Lateral lunges, right – 30 seconds

>30 seconds rest


Total: 13.5 minutes

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Part Two

“[With the High Knee Run], try keeping your hands at waist height with palms down so you can use your palms as targets to get your knees nice and consistently high each time. Keep the tricep dips close to the bench and extend the arms at the top. Push ups will be incorporating a bit more shoulder work almost like a handstand push up so challenge yourself! Be sure to keep the Mountain Climbers fast and execute the crunch properly into the chest each time so that if you must slow it down, you still get the full range of motion,” says White. 

>High Knee Run (in sand) to a bench (or other elevated surface) –  1 minute

>30 seconds rest

>Pushup off bench (elevated: feet on bench, hands on ground) – 30 seconds

>Triceps Dips (same bench/elevated surface) – 30 seconds

>Mountain Climbers (off bench or ground) – 30 seconds

>30 seconds rest

>High Knee Run to previous spot on sand – 1 minute


Total: 9 minutes

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Part Three

“Broad jumps will range from one to five feet forward depending on your height and athletic ability. Try to get as much distance each time and get a tiny rest to recover each time you land. Burpees will be tough after this but keep the movement going by removing the Pushup if your pecs feel fatigued, and remember to be continuously moving with that vertical jump portion of the burpee to keep your heart rate up,” says White.

>Broad Jumps – 1 minute

>Burpees (modify with no jump if unable to jump) – 30 seconds

>Side plank, right – 1 minute

>30 seconds rest

>Broad Jumps – 1 minute

>Burpees – 30 seconds

>Side plank, left – 1 minute

>30 seconds rest

Total: 6 minutes

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Part Four

“This circuit is the finisher. Keep each broad jump over the water break consistently the same length to make things easy and allow your squat jumps to be deep and powerful. That way, you have a bit of rest at the bottom where you begin to jump and lift off the ground. Your quadriceps and glutes will be feeling the pain after these intense jumps so make sure to walk it out and stretch afterwards,” says White.

>Broad Jumps over the shore break (in and out of low level water) – 30 seconds

>Squat Jumps – 30 seconds

>Flutter Kicks (at a decline off the sand) – 30 seconds

>Squat Jumps – 30 seconds

>Flutter Kicks – 30 seconds

Total: 2.5 minutes

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