Get That: Popeye Forearms

Popeye forearms_rotator

Summer is here and that means long sleeve shirts are staying in your closet. Even though you have done plenty of “curls for the girls,” have you thought about those soon to be exposed forearms? What about your grip? First impressions can be everything and a handshake reminiscent of a toddler certainly doesn’t scream “winner.” Start prioritizing your forearm training with the following exercises and be ready to give Popeye himself a run for his money!

Exercise 1: Barbell wrist curls
Sit on a bench, resting the extensor region of your forearm on your thighs while allowing the wrists to bend as far forward as possible. Curl the bar up, squeezing forearms for a full second at the top of the movement. Three sets of 12-15 reps works well.

Exercise 2: Barbell reverse curls
Start in the same position as the barbell wrist curls but this time it’s your inner forearms that will be resting on your thighs. Turning your wrist up, perform the reverse curl and again squeeze for a full second. Three sets of 12-15 reps works well again.

Exercise 3: Wrist curler
If you don’t have access to a wrist curler, make your own with some rope and a pvc pipe. Start by holding the curler at shoulder height with the weight fully extended. One hand at a time, roll the weight upward, then back down. Alternate the direction in which you roll the weight to maintain balance between the flexors and extensors. Two or Four sets of 12-15 are good.

The key to growing and strengthening your forearms is consistency. You can’t expect results only training your forearms sporadically but if you incorporate the above exercises consistently 1-2x/week, results will come!

About the Trainer:

Jason Phillips, owner of Jason Phillips Fitness has a decade of experience in the fitness industry.  His clientele includes NFL, PGA, and NHL athletes as well as professional physique competitors, models, and of course the weekend warriors.  His unique approach has brought results to hundreds of people around the world.  Jason’s work can found at

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