Getting Eight Hours of Sleep Could Be Bad News for Your Sperm

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Getting exactly eight hours of sleep a night could be harmful to your sperm’s productivity. According to a new study from the Journal of Sleep Research, getting more than that recommended seven-to-eight could drastically improve the integrity of the DNA in your sperm, thereby improving the chance of pregnancy occurring, while getting less than the recommended eight hours also had healthier swimmers.

The journal had 796 college kids provide 2,020 samples of semen to monitor the DNA stainability. In MEL’s article on the new findings they explained stainability as “an index measuring levels of immature chromatin, which packages and protects DNA in sperm — essentially, the higher this level, the greater the chances of unwelcome DNA mutations in your sperm.” The students who slept six-and-a-half hours a night or less had a 30% fewer high DNA stainability sperm and those who got nine or more hours of sleep had 41%. 

Dr. Jahmin Brahmbatt, urologist and infertility specialist at Orlando Health, told MEL that men want to shoot for 15% high DNA stainability and that “anything over 30 or 40 percent typically doesn’t lead to a good pregnancy or any pregnancy at all.”

So if conception is the plan, set those alarm clocks way up or way back. 

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