Meet the Guy Who Dumps Hot Women (Over and Over) for His Job


Anyone who thinks the red-Solo-cup–holding frat boy has become a Hollywood cliché hasn’t experienced Glen Powell’s delightfully douchey Chad Radwell on Scream Queens. And when you’re a gentleman in real life, playing a jerk has its perks.

“All these girls on the show are big up-and-coming stars,” says the 27-year-old actor, referring to the likes of Emma Roberts and Lea Michele. “Getting to break up with them over and over is pretty fun.”

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2016 is a breakout year for him, with roles in the Dazed and Confused sequel, Everybody Wants Some, and in Sand Castle, set in war-torn Iraq in 2003. His role in the latter, as a loud and proud Texan, required Powell to pack on 20 pounds in three weeks. All it took, he says, was a suitcase full of protein powder and some advice he got from Sylvester Stallone on the set of The Expendables 3: “Just get your forearms and traps to bulge and you’ll look massive on camera,” he told him.

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What Glenn’s Wearing
Immune to wrinkles, Nautica’s sleek Tech Blazer has you covered from a weekend getaway until the moment you walk into work Monday morning. “It works with dark denim or a pair of slim dress chinos,” says Nautica’s VP of Global Men’s Design, Steve McSween. “And water-resistant fabric protects you from a light drizzle.”

Powell lamented that he didn’t pack it while shooting Sand Castle. “It’s one of those chameleon suits that help you fit into any scenario,” he says.

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