Goldberg Busts His Head Open Before ‘Monday Night Raw,’ Goes Into Ring Anyway


When it comes to intensity in the wrestling ring, Goldberg is, well, the gold standard.

But it looks like the WCW legend got a little carried away before entering the ring on the leatest episode of Monday Night Raw, when he walked out with blood streaming from an open cut on his forehead.

Apparently, before the legendary wrestler heads to the ring, he usually headbutts the door to his room on the way out, according to Judging by the blood leaking down his face, it looks like he took it too far for Raw—and didn’t even realize it.

Goldberg made it all the way to the ring but looked a bit surprised when he went to wipe what he thought was sweat off of his head and came up with blood. The wrestler was unfazed, though, and continued to amp up the crowd in Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. To add to the already intense speech, the clip ends with Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker and Goldberg going head-to-head:

For those who are excited to see these goliaths face off, the Royal Rumble will take place on Sunday, January 29.